The EPICKit contains everything required to evaluate, demo and build an EPIC solution.

The kit consists of:

  • A Native EPIC SensArray-Enterprise RFID Reader (supports EPIC Level 2 and Level 4)
  • Class-4 PoE Injector
  • Two Ethernet Cat6 Cables
  • A Windows EPIC Decoder DLL For Use With Non-EPIC Readers
  • A Roll of EPIC Encoded Tags (50 tags/roll)
  • An EPIC Evaluation Key
EPIC Always Right
EPICKit-E Horizontal
SensArray Enterprise 2020-02-06

The 4th generation SensArray-Enterprise RAIN RFID reader integrates an 8.5dBic antenna, network switch and power distribution system with native EPIC decoding for either EPIC Level 2 or EPIC level 4 tag interrogation. This combination provides the capability to test both the memory and transmission resilience provided by EPIC.

The legacy reader library allows EPIC Level 2 decoding with any RAIN RFID reader or in a mixed networks of native EPIC and legacy readers.

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