The EvalKit® is a 4-read point kit that includes two “readers” (reader, antenna and network switch) and two additional antenna for the purpose of exploring the benefits of the SensArray® architecture including the ability to daisy-chain power and data. The kit comprises of a SensArray, a SensArray+, two SensRF-10 antenna, the recommended PoE+ Injector and all the required cables. The SensArray is a disruptive solution designed to elegantly implement networked RFID solutions at dramatically lower costs. This kit, clearly demonstrates network simplicity and low infrastructure cost.


Included in EvalKit:

  • 1x SensArray+
  • 1x SensArray
  • 2x SensRF - 10
  • 2x Antenna Cabling
  • 2x Ethernet Cat6 Cabling
  • POE+ Injector
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EvalKit Daisy Chain

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