Curious about how a SensThys reader network works? Our EvalKit includes every thing you need to find out.  Out of the box you get a SensArray and SensArray+ reader,  antennas, all the necessary network and RF cabling, mounting hardware and a single POE power supply to run the whole system. Start exploring the benefits of the SensArray® architecture!

Need a 4-antenna solution? The SensThys QuadKit includes a SensArray+ and all the hardware you need to get started.  The reader, antennas, RF and network cables, mounting hardware and POE supply are all included.

RFID is becoming more popular as a cost effective way to time running / bicycle races.  In collaboration with one of our early customers, we've developed an out-of-the-box variant of our QuadKit that's tuned to the needs the race timing community.  -- Special thanks to Agee Race Timing!