SensThys® Offers RFID Read-Point Pricing of $249


SensThys®, Inc. a designer and manufacturer of disruptive, high-volume RFID system solutions, introduces the QuadKit®, a four read-point kit priced to drive the RFID market forward with a per read-point of $249 for an order size of greater than 200 units. The QuadKit includes a SensArray+® RFID network appliance, three SensRF®-10 antennas, and all required Ethernet and RF cabling.

“The SensArray® technology dramatically reduces the installation cost for RFID, eliminating conduit installation and minimizing lines back to the IT closet. Further, our technological integration, manufacturing strategy, and close partnership with our suppliers allow us to offer our hardware to customers at very attractive pricing,” explained Neil Mitchell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The reduction of both hardware and installation costs aligns completely with our objective to eliminate these costs as a concern for the system designer, allowing them to envision and architect systems that fully deliver the promise of RFID technologies.”

The QuadKit is a complete four read-point solution in a white, one-foot cube box. The kit includes:

  • SensArray+, described below
  • Three SensRF-10 slim 8.5 dBic 10” antennas
  • Three 12-foot RP-SMA to SMA cables, labeled for installation ease
  • 50-foot CAT6 Ethernet cable

The QuadKit is now available in limited quantities, with full availability in May at a price of $1,179 for a single unit, decreasing to $985 for order sizes greater than 200.

The SensArray+ integrates several functions into a thin-profile form factor:

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch with three external RJ45 ports
  • Class 4 PoE+ power distribution system
  • 30 dBm UHF passive RFID reader based upon the Impinj R2000 platform
  • Integrated 8.5 dBic RHCP antenna
  • Three external antenna ports for connectivity to three additional antennas (four total antennas)
  • GPIO port with 4 inputs, 4 outputs, and 24VDC, 600 mA output
  • Slim, attractive aesthetics for ceiling, wall, and shelf mounting (10 x 10 x 0.8 inches)

SensArray is like SensArray+ but targeted at daisy-chaining of readers, excluding the ability to connect external antennas and GPIO. SensArray has two Ethernet ports for routing data and power.
The two SensArray products are available with single unit pricing of $635 (SensArray) and $689 (SensArray+), decreasing to $525 and $569, respectively, for orders larger than 200 units.

About SensThys

SensThys offers the world’s most functionally integrated RFID solutions with novel networking capabilities. SensThys products are designed to be attractive, unobtrusive, and deployable in wide ranges of settings, from warehouses to retail spaces, while focusing on solution economics and ease of use. These products enable the lowest-cost deployed solutions, while ensuring robust power management and data networking.

SensThys, Inc. is a portfolio company of InSite Partners, LLC. SensThys, SensArray, and QuadKit are trademarks or registered trademarks of SensThys, Inc.

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