QCLeak Program

The Quality Control Leak Prototyping Program is designed specifically for automotive manufacturers requiring on-site leak detection.

  • 100% custom to specific automaker needs
  • Designed for on-site and in-line
  • All-inclusive of hardware, sensors, software, and services
  • A scalable proof-of-concept to validate leak-detection

To learn more about QCLeak:

How does the program work?

  1. SensThys provides sensor knowledge & expertise
  2. Team plans practical pre/post rain and spray intrusion points
  3. SensThys staff come on-site for 2-days to implement proof-of-concept (PoC)
  4. Wireless, battery-free sensors placed in all areas of concern
  5. RFID handheld used to calibrate tags pre-soak
  6. Post-soak comparison yields moist/wet areas automatically


What happens at the end?

  • Onsite work guarantees successful proof-of-concept
  • Team develops a full roll-out plan to duplicate success to other lines/facilities
Gentle Car Washing

The program includes:

  • RFID sensing hardware
  • Leak detection and verification software
  • 200 AXN3110 passive leak detection sensors
  • All software licenses for 6-month evaluation
  • 2-day on-site prototype preparation
  • Guaranteed hardware availability
  • Hardware “hot swap” to guarantee progress
  • 6 months of support

What does this mean for me?

  • Single point of contact full complete PoC – no finger pointing
  • Absolute minimal risk, includes all physical equipment and intangibles
  • All-inclusive - best chances of PoC success
  • Defines final implementation program
  • Ready for management-level sign-off

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