Our Eval Kit: QuadKit-Mix

This kit includes both a SensX EXTREME rugged reader and a SensArray-Enterprise reader. The kit contains everything you need to evaluate a complete 4-read-point solution across both of these readers, 2 antenna on each (one internal to the SensArray-Enterprise) and the appropriate RF cables with RTNC connectors for the SensX-Extreme and RSMA for the SensArray-Enterprise. Just download the software from our website, plug-in and go!

QuadKit-Mix Diagram NT

Included in QuadKit-Mix:

  • SensX-Extreme (SX11480) rugged IP67 33dBm RFID Reader
  • SensArray-Enterprise (SE24370) 33dBm RFID Reader + internal antenna
  • SensRF-101 weather resistant IP67 antennas x3 (since one antenna is internal)
  • 10ft antenna cable x3 (two RTNC for Extreme, one RSMA for Enterprise)
  • 10ft Ethernet Cat6 cable (PC to injector) x3
  • POE+ (Class 4) injector (injects power onto Ethernet cable)
  • Power cable for PoE+ injector
  • GPS antenna
  • WiFi antenna
  • GPIO connector + cable
  • UHF passive RFID tags (for testing system after set-up) x5
  • Reusable corrugated plastic case with foam inserts and handle

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