The RaceKit TM is a 4 read-point kit specifically designed for race timing applications. It includes the SensArray® + and all additional antenna and color coded cables required to create a complete 4-read point finish-line solution. The kit includes the reader (with embedded antenna), 3 additional antenna (totals 4 with the readers internal antenna), two long (black) RF cables for the far side of the finish line, one short (white) RF cable for the near side antenna and the PoE+ power injector that supplies power into the reader (with the required Ethernet cables and power cables)

Included in RaceKit:

  • SensArray+ (S33111FV) with tripod bracket installed x1
  • SensRF weather resistant antennas with tripod bracket installed x3
  • 24ft black antenna cable (for far side antenna) x2
  • 12ft white antenna cable (for near side antenna) x1
  • 50ft Ethernet cat6 cable (Injector to reader) x1
  • 10ft Ethernet Cat6 cable (PC to injector) x1
  • POE+ (Class 4) injector (Injects power onto Ethernet cable) x1
  • Power cable for PoE+ Injector x1
  • Rain cover for SensArray x1
  • UHF passive RFID tags (for testing system after set-up) x5
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The RaceKit Setup

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