The RaceKitTM-Pro is a complete* 4 read-point UHF Passive RFID kit in a re-usable corrugated plastic box. Specifically designed for race timing applications it includes the SensArray®-Pro Reader, all additional antenna, tripods and color coded cables required to create a complete 4-read point start or finish-line solution. The kit includes the reader (with embedded antenna), 3 additional antenna (totals 4 with the readers internal antenna), 4 tripods, two long RF cables for the far side of the finish line, one short RF cable for the near side antenna and the PoE+ power injector that supplies power into the reader (with the required Ethernet cables and power cables). These are all supplied in a reusable plastic container to protect from the elements with reusable foam inserts to protect the equipment between races. The tripods come in a draw string bag separate from the carry case.

RaceKit-Pro Diagram
New RaceKit Box

Included in RaceKit:

  • SensArray-Pro (SP13350) 33dBm RFID Reader + internal antenna with tripod bracket installed
  • SensRF-101 weather resistant IP67 antennas with tripod bracket installed x3
  • Tripods for antenna and SensArray-Pro and a draw string bag x4
  • 30ft low loss (LMR240) antenna cable (for far side antenna) x2
  • 12ft antenna cable (for near side antenna) x1
  • 50ft Ethernet cat6 cable (Injector to reader) x1
  • 10ft Ethernet Cat6 cable (PC to injector) x1
  • POE+ (Class 4) injector (Injects power onto Ethernet cable) x1
  • Power cable for PoE+ Injector x1
  • Rain cover for SensArray-Pro
  • UHF passive RFID tags (for testing system after set-up) x5
  • Reusable corrugated plastic case with foam inserts and handle

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