SensArray One Series

The SensArray® One Series combines one of the strongest, fastest UHF passive RFID readers with an integrated 8.5dBic antenna in a svelte attractive 10” x 10” form-factor. The reader operates at a full industry maximum of +33dBm via the 90W Class 8 PoE input, so no separate DC power input is required.

The SensArray-One is ideal for tag commissioning or other low-cost applications. The SensArray-One Pro adds 24V 30W capable GPIO and SMA ports for a 4 antenna solution.


The SensArray One series integrates several benefits into a thin-profile form factor. The capabilities included are:

  • 33dBm power RFID subsystem (2x the power of a 30dBm system)
  • Optimized RFID core - extreme tag read-rates / time to last tag
  • Integrated 8.5dBic antenna
  • Integrated 90W power distribution system
  • Off-the-shelf cabling (CAT5/6) provides both power and data
  • Low cost per read point
  • Integrated antenna., reader and RF distribution network
  • PoE powered 24V GPIO with 30W drive capability
  • PoE+ powered SensArray One can power GPIO peripherals
  • Slim form-factor only 21mm/0.8" thick
  • Swap between any other SensArray or SensX product


The SensArray-One family comes in the base SensArray-One product or the step-up SensArray-One Pro. Both units have a 90W Class-8 PoE input and the SensArray-One Pro adds 30W powered GPIO (power from the 90W input PoE), and adds three antenna connections.

Name PoE Ethernet Ports GPIO Antenna Ports RFID Power Buy Now
SensArray - One Class 8 - 90W 1 No No 100% power for internal antenna Upcoming
SensArray - One Pro Class 8 - 90W 1 Yes (4 in, 4 out) 30W 3x RP-SMA 33dBm Upcoming

For more features and power/data routing, please explore the SensArray-Pro and SensArray-Enterprise.


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