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ProSens Mobile - Android App



The ProSens Mobile Android app is only compatible with phones running the Android operating system and requires a CS108 Handheld reader to pair to.

The app includes features from the main ProSens application, such as reading and writing to tags, and reading sensor tags.

Installation Instructions


Step 1:

Click on the Download Now button at the bottom of this page. This will download the .apk application file for the ProSens Mobile app.



Step 2:

Click on the Download anyway button to continue with the download. Android allows for application downloads from outside the Google Play store, but displays a warning and requires confirmation to continue.


Step 3:

Click on the Install button to install the app.




Step 4:

Click the Open button once the app is installed to begin using.



Step 5:

Allow the Bluetooth settings to find and connect to nearby devices. This will allow the application to use a Bluetooth connection to your CS108 Handheld Reader.


Step 6:

You are now able to connect to a handheld reader and begin using the app.


Start Using the App