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Penetration Testing Reports


This note continues the theme of security. One of our customers was gracious enough to perform security penetration testing on our Extreme and Pro units. The security testing software was sourced from Tenable.

Proven Secure!

Our readers are proven secure. We have customers using these readers in highly sensitive government, military, and commercial activities.

Mysterious hacker with PENETRATION TEST inscription, online attack concept inscription, online security concept

Penetration testing issues identified:

  • SensX Extreme: 4 issues identified
  • SensArray: Absolutely NONE!

These readers support: 

  • RESTful Authentication
  • TLS 1.2 Certificates
  • Options to close non-secure ports

Download the reports here!



Proven Supply!

SensThys just completed the transition of our manufacturing to our Taiwanese Foxconn subsidiary, MTI. With
Foxconn purchasing power, SensThys has full supply of all reader and antenna products with standard lead-