SensArray Enterprise An EPIC Native Reader

The latest SensArray Enterprise reader combines one of the strongest, fastest UHF passive RFID readers with an integrated 8.5dBic antenna in a svelte attractive 10” x 10” form-factor. The SensArray Enterprise operates at a full industry maximum of +33dBm via the 90W Class 8 PoE input, so no separate DC power input is required.

This is an EPIC™ native reader which offers:

  • Guaranteed Data
  • Infinite Tag Life

Unlike other enterprise readers, the SensArray Enterprise supports powering up to 26 additional readers in a single chain, so operators can configure vastly larger networks with even less installation effort and cost.

The reader is supplied in flat/through-hole mounting with an accessory available to convert to a VESA 100mm studded mount.

EPIC Always Right
Gen 2 Chain Diagram 3 for Enterprise
SensArray Enterprise 2020-02-06

The SensArray Enterprise integrates several functions including:

  • Four (4) PoE ports, accepts Class 8 (90W) for extended networking with additional SensArray Readers and other PoE devices
  • Up to 26 readers/chain for large networks
  • GPIO connection delivers 30W to peripherals
  • +33dBm transmit power, highest allowed in the market
  • Industry-leading unique tag read-rates
  • Integrated antenna (8.5 dBic) plus up to 3 additional antenna ports
  • Built-in Ethernet switching and integrated PoE power distribution system for robust performance over simple and complex networks
  • "All-in-one" unit with additional ports for expansion capability
  • Neutral colored, slim form-factor only 21mm/0.4" thick
  • Color and silk screening is customizable
  • Supports EPIC natively
  • Supports accurate Axzon Magnus S2 & S3 moisture and temperature sensing and reporting
Unit Readers/Chain PoE Ethernet Data GPIO Antenna Ports DC input Product Brief
SensArray Enterprise up to 26 4 (Class 8 - 90W) 4x RJ-45 4 in, 4 out, 30W 3x RP-SMA No Download

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