The SensRF®-101 is a next-generation, 9dBic antenna designed for simplicity and ease of use in high-volume installations. The unique design of this antenna allows industry-leading pricing without sacrificing the performance and ruggedness required by Fortune 500 companies. This 10” x 10” form-factor antenna is approximately 0.8” thin and includes a robust SMA connector.

This antenna is designed by the same team that designed antenna sold by the leading players in the RFID industry including:


Alien: ALR-A1001


Impinj: IPJ-A110


Times-7: A5010


RFMax: R9028

The SensRF®-101 RF characteristics are excellent, providing equivalent performance to the leading antennas on the market (see product brief specs).

Aesthetically pleasing, with a slim profile, the SensRF®-101 blends into office or commercial environments, yet is tough enough to be used in warehouses and production lines (IP68). It can be provided with custom logos or graphics to suit any installation environment. Finally, the SensRF®-101 can be used with any RFID reader and can be supplied either with a through-hole flush mount or a VESA 100mm stud mount for easy installation.

SensRF-101 Product2
  • Slim Profile RFID Antenna with attractive aesthetics for ceiling, wall and shelf mounting (10 X 10 X 0.85 inches)
  • Gain of 9.0dBic with low VSWR and read range of up to 10m / 30 ft under normal operating conditions (FCC part 15.247)
  • High performance & rugged design
  • IP68 rating for permanent outdoor use & industrial applications (submersible in water for up to 30 min at 1.5m)
  • Mounting options include flush mount (with through holes) or VESA 100mm studded mounts
Daisy Chain (SensRF-101) V3

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