This video shows the host of individual components all fit within the sleek SensArray+.

This video shows how to install our RFID Console (the software that talks to the SensArray and SensArray+) onto your windows computer.

This video shows how to connect the SensArray to a computer and quickly get up and reading RFID tags.

John Price of Digame unboxes a SensThys Eval Kit with Neil. The eval kit contains 2 integrated readers, 2 RFID antennas, the power injector and all the cabling you need.

Brian Agee, from Agee Race Timing, unboxing and setting up the SensThys QuadKit.

Brian Agee of Agee Race Timing discusses using the SensArray+ in race timing. The Agee Race Timing system is a leader in the timing of sports events, covering all aspects of race day- from check-in, to the event, to division results through to participants receiving their final results.

Here is the story of learning, of making new friends, of creating. This is how SensThys and MTI came to our partnership, and how M-Power developed.

Key New Products The Enterprise - a 33 dBm reader integrated with a 90W PoE Ethernet switch, and a powered, optically isolated GPIO. And.... Extreme. Rugged IP67 workhorse. 4 port, 33 dBm reader with gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, barometric pressure, GPS, BLE Beacon detect, motion detector and multiple communication options, including native WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB Cellular.

November 2, 2018.

Antenna Selection for Real-World Applications - Webinar

This webinar explores how to use multiple antenna for area coverage, the different geometries when installing them and the positives and negatives of each. We will examine the advantages of having any tag visible by more than one antenna, and show how this can be achieved cost effectively (all the way up to 4 read-points per tag). The webinar will also take a look at the impact of antenna gain, ceiling height and reader power and introduce a tool to simplify the calculations for your unique situation.

SUMMARY: Learn how to pick the right antenna for your application!

October 4, 2019.

Sessions and Selects Demystified - Mini-Webinar

Have you ever wondered what "Sessions" are? What is the "Select" flag? Why is this important to understand? How can you use this knowledge?

RAIN (Passive) RFID is swamped with terms, nuances and subtle but important technical capabilities. This "webinar-in-brief" will cut through the complexities and jargon. It will be a concise but extremely informative look at Selects and Sessions and the practical realities of what these can do for you and how these can dramatically effect your read results.

If you have ever been worried about "getting your head around" these terms, understanding what these actually do, or just grown a bit rusty, this is the webinar for you.

October 31, 2019.

SPOOKY - Passive RFID Sensor Tags - Mini-Webinar

Passive Sensor tags? Is that even possible? No batteries? As Einstein said "spooky action at a distance". We will not be entangling your brain...quite the opposite. We will break through the spooky hype and discuss temperature and moisture sensing RFID tags, how to read them, how to add location awareness, what you need to accomplish this, what to look out for and the types of applications these are useful for.