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Professional Services

Two people engineering at desk

What can we do for you?

We have experience and expertise in designing complex interrogation hardware, edge devices, and custom software at any size or scale. Fixed infrastructure to mobile solutions, Fortune 500 companies to innovative newcomers, custom readers to peripheral devices, large network management to single device apps, we have done it all and look forward to doing it again. 

Here are some examples of what we can do for you:


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  • Sensors, readers, and complete system solutions
  • Pilot Program creation and implementation
  • Integration into Statistical Process Control (SPC) Systems
Two people engineering at desk

Software Implementation

  • Fixed and mobile devices
  • iOS, Android, Windows/.NET, Java, Linux, etc.
  • Sensor Interrogation, GUI's, networked device control
  • Firmware, real-time control, network management
Custom Software

Sensors Integration

  • UHF Radio Frequency Identification, BTLE
  • Heat, moisture, strain, Relative Humidity, density sensors
  • Bluetooth, WiFi and other network communications
  • Passive, battery-assisted, or active sensors
  • Custom design sensors or off-the-shelf
Sensor Tags

Hardware Design

  • Specification, design, and realization
  • Digital, analog, or RF
  • Custom, ground-up IoT hardware
  • Special form factors for unique applications
  • Sensors, interrogators, or complete system solutions
Custom Hardware

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