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Composite Cure Visualization Program

The Composite Cure Visualization Program is designed specifically to deliver a real-time cure state visibility prototype for Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Compression RTM and most Resin Infusions applications (most aramids including carbon fiber):

  • Accelerate composite customers' use of wireless, battery-free sensors
  • Monitoring prepreg Out Life and provide real-time visibility into the cure state of Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Compression RTM and most Resin Infusions
  • Delivers working prototype for management approval built on years or SensThys experience of this nuanced technology

To learn more about the "CompCure" program:

Wind Turbines at Larne harbour Co Antrim Northern Ireland on 14/03/2020

What is included in the program? 

  • 2-days on premise site-survey (US only) & proof-of-concept set-up
  • All system components: Hardware, sensors, software and services
  • Material analysis
  • Equipment set-up, calibration and guaranteed up-time
  • Sensor characterization and selection
  • Delivers working prototype for management approval
  • Bootstrap customer from zero to hero


What happens at the end?

Program ensures the exploration of wireless, battery-free sensors is positive, rapid and results in a management approval ready prototype unique to your composite use-case.

  • Onsite work guarantees successful proof-of-concept
  • Team develops a full roll-out plan to duplicate success to other lines/facilities

The program includes:

  • Wireless/battery-free sensors
  • Dielectric/temperature/strain
  • Sensor Interrogation hardware
  • Simple sensor monitoring software
  • 2-day on-site prototype preparation (US only)
  • 6-months guaranteed hardware availability “Hot swap” minimizes down-time
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