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Integrated Stand-Alone Readers and Handhelds  EPIC Native Readers

All SensThys readers, whether fixed or handheld, have built in unique capabilities including:

  • The ability to guarantee tag data is correct and create infinite tag life through the use of EPIC
  • The ability to interrogate and report temperature and moisture from certain passive sensor tags including those based on Axzon IC's such as from Smartrac/Avery Dennison.

The Enterprise reader combines high-performance RFID capability with data integrity and unique security features. 


The Core reader offers the same performance and security as the Enterprise reader, without the Ethernet switching. Perfectly suited for simple installs.

The new EXTREME rugged reader is SensThys’ highest performance RFID reader enclosed in the industry’s highest rated IP67 industrial and weather-tight chassis for harsh environments.


Aesthetically pleasing, with a slim profile, the SensRF®-101 blends into office or commercial environments, yet is tough enough to be used in warehouses and production lines (IP68).

The CS108 features best in class read range and works with all Android and iOS devices. The CS108 is used globally in mission-critical government, industrial and commercial applications.


Why Choose a SensThys Product?

In short, because we're listening.

Customers with long-time experience in the RFID industry convey to us that they are not being heard. Customer support is hard to get, suggestions for improvements are not being acknowledged and there is general frustration with how much RFID systems cost to deploy and how complex they are to work with.

We get it... The SensThys team is a unique mix. Half of us are RFID industry veterans with marketing and technical knowledge in this unique space. Our other half comes from the telecom world where customer issues like these just wouldn't fly.

Here is our commitment:

  • We're striving to offer the world’s easiest to use, most cost-effective fixed RFID reader solution.

  • Call us -- you'll talk with a technical person who actually helped build the product.

  • Report an issue -- we'll work to address it.

  • Got an idea for how we can do better? -- We'll listen.


-- The SensThys Team.

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